Road to 80


Reason for making this blog. Wow, where to start? I feel like I must begin this post as they do in Alcoholics Anonymous. My name is Rusty, and I have let myself go…like way off the wagon. I am chilling off the side of the road in the distance just looking at the wagon disappear into the horizon. To continue this very odd folkish metaphor, this blog is my attempt to get off the rock on the side of the road and start following the wagon. It’s a long, long, ways off and I can barely see the damn thing. But I’m making my way down this road to 80 pounds. And who knows? ┬áMaybe I’ll wind up catching up and hop back in.

When I started this journey I was 5’1 and 202 pounds. By the Body Mass Index or BMI standards I had a BMI of 38.2. I was considered “severely obese” from the online BMI calculator I used. I was classified as a Class 2 or moderate risk obese person (medlineplus.gov). I wouldn’t say this was a wake up call but I did not feel like an obese person. Yet according to this index, my chance of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, liver problems, joint aches, or dying from a heart attack was on the up and up. This is where the Road to 80 began, according to this thing, my “healthy weight target” is about 120 pounds…..Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your braces and training bras because that’s middle school Rusty. [See below for the embarrassing evidence.]