Workout Routine At The Gym

I tried running. I really did. Then I felt my heart almost jump through my chest and I figured that this journey is more of a marathon than a sprint.

Walk before your run.  Many trainers will back me up on this. What happens every year?  Everyone vows that this will be their year and they gift themselves a fancy new gym membership. Each January, the treadmills are all crowded with noobs who last what?….a month….maybe two. Then they are gone for two or three years until someone creates another form of hot yoga. If you feel attacked, its because I was you. I would go hard before an event or a season, drop 10 or 20 pounds and never get to the root of why I was always gaining weight. Dieters are notorious for over-exercising because, well, it produces results. But unless you are training for the Olympics, that 6 mile run everyday is not sustainable in the long term ( I hate running, I am speaking for myself). Temptations and life events do occur where adhering to a super austere diet and exercise plan is hard to manage (I’m speaking for everyone now). Soon my friends would invite me out for dinner and drinks and once that juicy burger hits my lips, my cheat day just turned into a cheat month.

So what does this mean for my workout. 8.5 incline; hands on the bar; brisk pace for one hour. I do this for 5 or 6 days a week, sweat through my bra and shirt and crawl home to die, I mean stretch for 5 mins. Once my body gets used to this workout, I will definitely be switching things up by integrating HIIT training and weights, but for now, I’m playing the long game. Consistency and discipline over difficulty.


RBF Confessions: Jiggly Wiggly

I wish this was like the real Catholic confessionals with the priest and the filtered screen but you all know who I am already so I guess there goes the anonymity. So here’s to the Internet being my confessional haha.

RBF Confessions is a series where I spill the tea on the embarrassing things encounter on my weight loss journey in hopes of inspiring stories from all of you. I’ll keep it short to start.


Since my weight gain, everything is um bigger. This can get really complicated because a lot of my athletic clothes can no longer fit and everyone knows how expensive a pair of Lululemons are. Anyways, sports bras are the number one killer. I was rushing to get a workout in before work in the morning and I hadn’t done my laundry yet so all I was left with were the smaller sports bras. The bra cut into my back fat so sharply, it was cutting circulation to my arm like a knife. So I wrestled (yes, WRESTLED) out of it and decided to put on a tight shirt and a sweatshirt over it.

Everything felt secure until about 20 minutes in when I started to sweat. I was walking uphill and the shirt became looser as I sweat more and more and soon my ta-tas were in full flight at 7am. I held onto the bar of the treadmill and tried to hold them in with my elbows and get that tricep and latissimus dorsi workout in but it was rack, rack city up in the gym. It was so jiggly wiggly that the man on the treadmill next to me noticed them and couldn’t stop glancing over….he couldn’t be less than 60 years old. Between the workout and my boobies I could have given the poor man a heart attack.




spotify_2015Rusty’s Top 5


Check out this week’s songs that I can’t get enough of. Add these to your workout playlist and TURN UP! 

    1. Finesse by Bruno Mars ft. Cardi B
    2. King’s Dead by Kendrick Lamar & Jay Rock & Future & James Blake
    3. Icon by Jaden Smith
    4. Breathe by Jax Jones
    5. Assets by Tropkillaz & Yellow Claw